Fiorhe – a cosmetic brand from Italy. Fiorhe has built its reputation in the beauty industry with its exquisite combination of cutting-edge technology and premium natural ingredients. With quality and effective products, Fiorhe has attracted the attention of many customers around the world.

Fiorhe develops a love of nature and creates lines of pure natural skin care products. Combining her knowledge and experience, Chiara with the ambition to develop an organic and quality product, created Fiorhe.

Fiorhe offers customers a wide range of skin care products that are bright and smooth. All products are crafted from natural ingredients and manufactured with the most advanced technology. The brand focuses on providing effective and safe beauty solutions to customers.

With a combination of Italian flair and cutting-edge technology, Fiorhe is becoming a cosmetic brand loved by many worldwide. With a commitment to quality and effectiveness, Fiorhe not only brings customers the best beauty products, but also becomes an inspiration for beautiful healthy skin.

What sets Fiorhe apart is the brand’s dedication to using best practices. The brand capitalizes on the benefits of the hemp plant and prides itself on offering high-quality cosmetic products that combine the properties of hemp. Fiorhe products are rich and complete, harnessing the natural products of the hemp plant such as essential oils, CBD, polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 3 and 6 and antioxidants. These factors work together to create a beneficial synergistic effect, resulting in optimal health outcomes for the consumer.

By incorporating Fiorhe’s CBD and hemp extracts into their skincare routine, customers can experience the soothing, aromatic and nourishing benefits the brand promises. Fiorhe products not only offer external beauty, but also foster a deeper connection with nature’s ancient gifts, allowing individuals to feel closer at home and uplift their health. 

To expand the market and reach consumers in Vietnam, Fiorhe has cooperated with Buy2sell – a reputable B2B e-commerce platform. Buy2sell has been honored as one of the 100 most trusted businesses at the Top Vietnam Award 2022. This combination will bring many benefits to both parties, and at the same time give Vietnamese consumers the opportunity to experience Fiorhe’s quality products.

Buy2sell has been running a chain of high-end imported stores in the busiest shopping locations nationwide, including Lotte Mart SC Vivo City, Vincom Mega Times City. This brings a diverse selection of high-end cosmetic brands from Europe, Korea and the US to consumers in Vietnam. Buy2sell also distributes Fiorhe products through the distribution systems of Malls such as Vincom Mega Mall Times City, Lotte Mart, SC Vivo City,…

With this combination, Vietnamese consumers will have the opportunity to access Fiorhe’s high-end cosmetic products through the Buy2sell platform. At the same time, Buy2sell is a reputable B2B e-commerce platform, giving consumers confidence in purchasing Fiorhe cosmetic products.

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