Vivi Kola Refreshing Drink – Switzerland’s First Coke

Vivi Kola Refreshing Drink – Switzerland’s First Coke

 The soft drink Vivi Kola – Switzerland’s first coca

In 1938, Eglisau launched the soft drink Vivi Kola – Switzerland’s first coca. The brand has put its name on the legendary picture of soft drinks on the world map.

In 2010, Christian Forrer of Eglisau revived this soft drink from Switzerland. At the launch event, Vivi Kola achieved instant success as locals loved it and bought 2,500 bottles within the first 2 hours. Vivi Kola has gradually become popular throughout Switzerland and is known as the “must-to-try” drink of cyclists.

At the launching event, the locals bought 2,500 bottles within the first 2 hours

Vivi Kola succeeds in bringing out the unique and distinct taste of the Swiss “version” of coca, different from other soft drinks on the market, with a formula that blends Cameroon cocoa beans with a balance of sweetness from vanilla, making the drinker feel cool and refreshing without causing throat irritation like other soft drinks.

Vivi Kola with a formula that blends Cameroon cocoa

Based on the original recipe, this Swiss brand also develops more attractive and diverse drinks to meet consumer preferences, especially customers interested in healthy foods and drinks. Vivi Organic Cola contains 27% sugar, less than regular carbonated water and has no artificial flavors.

Vivi Organic Cola

In addition to soft drinks, Vivi promotes the development of Vivi Tea Organic Premium with a capacity of 330ml, Vivi tea contains the best herbs, providing a rich flavor spread.

Vivi Tea Organic 

Vivi Mate Organic is distinguished by the composition of Cascara coffee pods blended with fragrant tea leaves to create a drink that adds positive energy to the body and helps to keep the spirit awake.

Vivi Mate Organic 

Vivi – a beverage from Switzerland, after having a relative foothold in the domestic market, has begun to export its products to all over the world. In particular, the beverage market in Vietnam is an extremely potential place, Vivi is now available in Vietnam and is exclusively distributed by Buy2sell – an enterprise with many years of experience in import and export promotion activities, especially creating a connection between brands/products from other countries with large businesses and consumers in Vietnam as well as in Asia Pacific countries.

With a strong marketing direction on promoting and spreading the brand, Buy2sell introduced Vivi beverage at all Buy2sell stores located at major central supermarkets across the world such as: Mega Mall Times City Hanoi, SC Vivo City, Lotte Mart, Buy2sell Showroom, etc. At the same time, put Vivi products on the e-commerce platform to increase interactivity for Vietnamese users to experience many high-quality products with reasonable prices.