Apple Suppliers in Vietnam: 103,000 Job Openings in 2024 – Apply Now

Apple Suppliers in Vietnam: 103,000 Job Openings in 2024 – Apply Now

In an effort to meet surging production demands, Apple’s contract manufacturers in Vietnam are set to hire more than 103,000 workers this year, with a focus on factories located in the northern Bac Giang Province. The major contributor, Foxconn, Apple’s primary supplier, aims to hire 15,000 workers for its plants in Dinh Tram and Quang Chau industrial parks in the first half of the year and an additional 12,000 in the second half.

Workers participating in interviews at the Bac Giang Province Job Center in July, 2023. Photo by Xuan Hoa

Foxconn’s subsidiary, New Wing Interconnect Technology, located in the Van Trung Industrial Park, plans to recruit 27,000 workers throughout the year, including an initial 6,000 in the next two months. Fukang Technology, another Foxconn unit situated in the Quang Chau Industrial Park, is seeking 13,600 additional workers in 2024.

Luxshare-ICT, another key Apple supplier, is gearing up to hire 47,300 workers for its plants in Quang Chau and Van Trung Industrial Parks. The company will initiate the hiring process by bringing on 200-300 employees per month in February and March, with plans to increase this number to 7,000-9,000 after June or July, anticipating a surge in orders.

These companies are actively seeking workers between the ages of 18 to 40, with a high school diploma and good health. Notably, Foxconn is open to applicants who have completed only the sixth grade.

The basic salary offered by these companies is VND 5 million (approximately US$203.8), inclusive of social insurance contributions and additional benefits, according to Nguyen Van Hue, director of the Bac Giang Province Job Center. Beyond the base salary, these employers attract and retain workers through various benefits, such as housing allowances, meal provisions, and overtime pay, potentially taking workers’ monthly income to VND 8-9 million.

Despite the challenges posed by simultaneous mass hirings, the companies are determined to maintain their workforces this year due to a significant influx of orders. In response, many human resources personnel are venturing into small villages in the northern mountains and central regions to recruit talent and encouraging existing employees to refer relatives and friends.

Bac Giang Province, home to over 7,600 businesses employing around 306,000 workers, has experienced a thriving real estate market and industrial zone expansion, driven by business upscaling and a surge in new orders. Foxconn has been a key player in the region since 2007 and plays a crucial role in Apple’s supply chain.