Aquahandy in Cooperation with Buy2sell: Enhancing Vietnam’s Water Solutions

Aquahandy in Cooperation with Buy2sell: Enhancing Vietnam’s Water Solutions

Vietnam’s dynamic market has seen the rise of innovative brands and cutting-edge technology to meet increasing consumer demand. One of the brands that has made a successful mark in the Vietnamese market is Aquahandy, in cooperation with the famous e-commerce platform Buy2sell. With a shared vision of providing reliable water solutions to consumers, this partnership has created waves of success across the country.

Aquahandy, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation, offers a wide range of water-related products designed to improve everyday life. From water purifiers and water purifiers to filtration systems and accessories, Aquahandy has established itself as a trusted name in the water industry. By partnering with Buy2sell, a leading B2B e-commerce company with a strong presence in Vietnam, Aquahandy has gained a strategic advantage in reaching a broader customer base and strengthening its position. its position in the market.

Buy2sell being recognized as one of the 100 most prestigious businesses in Vietnam at the Top Vietnam Awards 2021 says a lot about the prestige and influence of the platform. With sales tripling in the first half of this year, reaching a total value of about $24.5 million, Buy2sell has proven its ability to meet the growing demand for online shopping in Vietnam. This success story not only demonstrates the capabilities of the platform, but also highlights the huge opportunity for Aquahandy to thrive in a thriving e-commerce ecosystem.

By taking advantage of Buy2sell’s vast network and strong distribution channels, Aquahandy was able to effectively penetrate the Vietnamese market and make its products easily accessible to consumers. The platform has close relationships with thousands of international suppliers and a track record of delivering over 200,000 items showing the platform’s proficiency in connecting brands with Vietnamese buyers. Aquahandy has benefited from Buy2sell’s extensive market channels, including annual conferences and matching events held in major cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. These events have provided Aquahandy with valuable opportunities to showcase its products, interact with potential buyers and build brand awareness.

As the country begins its digital transformation and e-commerce continues to grow, Aquahandy’s partnership with Buy2sell has positioned the brand as a pioneer in the water solutions market. With more than 200,000 sellers registered on the platform and the advantage of Buy2sell’s logistics and support systems, Aquahandy is able to seamlessly reach a large customer base, both domestically and across the Asia region. Asia Pacific.

Furthermore, Aquahandy’s dedication to customer satisfaction, along with Buy2sell’s extensive retail network at famous shopping malls such as Vincom Mega Mall Times City, Lotte Mart and SC Vivo Mall, ensure a seamless shopping experience for Vietnamese consumers.

In summary, the cooperation between Aquahandy and Buy2sell has contributed to promoting the presence of Aquahandy brand and water solutions in the Vietnam market. With Buy2sell’s extensive network, market expertise and commitment to excellence, Aquahandy has found a trusted partner to navigate the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape of China. Vietnam. As demand for reliable water solutions continues to grow, Aquahandy’s partnership with Buy2sell ensures that consumers have easy access to innovative products that enhance their daily lives.