Bond girl Lana Wood once had an affair with Sean Connery

Bond girl Lana Wood once had an affair with Sean Connery

Star Lana Wood dated legendary 007 Sean Connery before even starring in the movie “Diamonds Are Forever” in 1971.

On November 23, in an interview with Fox News, Lana Wood said: “I met Sean before filming Diamonds Are Forever. My boyfriend at that time was Jerome Hellman, Sean’s friend. We were invited by Sean to his house for dinner. , he was fun with us,” Wood recalls.

Connery and Wood gradually develop feelings for each other. The actor actively dated the actress even when the 7th part of the James Bond series had not started shooting. During the filming of Diamonds Are Forever, the two kept their relationship private.

“We had an affair before filming started. Both were unmarried at the time, but public relations were not possible. I was embarrassed to have to do love scenes because we tried so hard. don’t let people know,” Wood shared.

In her eyes, the legend of 007 has a special charm. The two had dates, went out, and watched movies. The first day she saw Connery appear on the set of Diamonds Are Forever, she felt both happy and worried.

However, the film closed the time when Wood said goodbye to Connery. Hollywood media reported that Wood broke up because he did not see a future with his boyfriend. But recently, Wood himself revealed: “Because I was also in a lovely relationship with composer Leslie Bricusse at the time.”

“Leslie is back in London. And I can only tell Sean that this love cannot continue because I love Leslie so much. Sean is great, but I don’t see him anymore. After listening to me, Sean replied shortly. succinctly: ‘I understand,'” she recalls.

Currently, the shaved star lives with her partner Alan Feinstein. She did not contact Sean Connery until his death in late October 2020.

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Lana Wood is now 75 years old and is still remembered as one of the most attractive Bond girls in history. Photo: Page Six.
Lana Wood is a Russian-American actress and producer. She reached the peak of fame when she became Bond girl Plenty O’Toole in Diamonds of Forever (1971) – the last film Sean Connery played the pompous James Bond agent for Eon.