Chemifree launched in the skin care consumer market in 2012, creating its own “playground” and making a difference compared to conventional skincare brands. In 2021, Chemifree successfully expanded its scale and was present in more than 300 pharmaceutical stores, bringing the name Chemifree to the No. 1 position in the Malaysian market.

Chemifree brings breakthrough natural solutions to skin problems by serum ingredients (as high as 80% – 95% active ingredients) with the ability to quickly absorb into our skin. This makes Chemifree more competitive and stand out from other brands.

Chemifree offers breakthrough natural solutions to skin problems

Chemifree was founded in 2012, focusing on distribution to pharmacy stores. The brand specializes in providing skin care products, with the most prominent product being the skin care serum. Chemifree’s best-selling serums can be mentioned as Advance Spot Serum, Acne Serum and Natural Vitamin E serum.

Chemifree has so far won the trust of domestic consumers and become the No. 1 natural skin care brand in Malaysia. Specifically, in 2021, Chemifree has expanded its scale and has been present in more than 300 pharmacy stores across Malaysia.

Chemifree has expanded in size and is already present in more than 300 pharmacy stores across Malaysia

It can be said that the cosmetic market in Asia has turned to a new page with the orientation of natural and sustainable beauty from the inside out. They search and choose skin care products based on natural ingredients, safe for health. Organic and non-vegan are the two keywords that attract beauty believers in Asia today when buying beauty products. This trend is a big step for Chemifree to seize the opportunity to compete with other beauty competitors in the market.

But with Chemifree’s great strides in the skin care industry, Chemifree’s name continues to break boundaries and expand in many parts of the world, especially Vietnam. With a population of more than 93 million people, high demand in both quantity and purchasing, Vietnam is an attractive market. This is considered a major development step for the brand this year, and creates more opportunities for Vietnamese consumers to experience and appreciate the best imported products.

The most prominent and best-selling Chemifree product in Malaysia

In order to easily reach and reach Vietnamese consumers effectively. Chemifree chose Buy2sell as an excellent connection between the brand and Vietnamese customers. Buy2sell is a partner with a solid commerce background and good B2B business network. Buy2sell is now the ideal choice with good knowledge and track record of driving international businesses when starting to participate in Vietnam.

One of Buy2sell’s high-end sales showrooms located at Mega Mall Times City Hanoi

Currently, Buy2sell has a large chain of stores covering the busiest shopping centers such as Mega Mall Times City Hanoi, SC Vivo City, Lotte Mart, etc. displaying hundreds of international products of diverse industries of origin. more than 50 countries. Besides, Buy2sell is still known for owning the leading B2B e-commerce site in Vietnam since 2015, with thousands of visits per day.

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