A small but equally attractive niche in the world pharmaceutical market that consumers are interested in. According to the cooperation agreement between SUNVIT D3 and Buy2sell Vietnam, Buy2sell will officially distribute products to SUNVIT D3 – a brand of gummy and vitamin D3 tablets in the UK, available on Buy2sell e-commerce site and sold at high-end chain stores across the country.

SunVit-D3 provides all the vitamins that children need

The World Market has classified these gummies as a functional food, a rapidly growing segment. In the US alone, nearly 12% of children (1-9 years old) are using some form of health supplement.

Since 2 years ago, the global vitamin gummies industry has achieved sales of 2.68 billion USD. In addition, according to the survey results of the National Institute of Nutrition, about 45.9-57.7% of children in Vietnam are anorexic, and at the same time, Vietnamese meals do not provide enough vitamins that children need.

Buy2sell affirms the advantage of the business when making SUNVIT D3 become the number 1 brand in the vitamin supplement gummy market

In this market, the playing field is in the hands of foreign manufacturers. But most of the vitamin-fortified gummy products are still entering Vietnam by hand-carrying route, selling through e-commerce channels, drugstores… Buy2sell affirms the business’s advantage when making SUNVIT D3 a commercial No. 1 brand in the vitamin supplement gummies market in Vietnam.

Contains many essential vitamins and calcium to help protect the body of children and adults

SunVit-D3 Vitamin Gummies are specially formulated with a burst of natural flavors of essential fruit, while packed with essential vitamins and calcium to help protect the bodies of children and adults alike.

Besides vitamin gummies, SunVit-D3 is still developing and providing vitamin D3 tablets for adults. All are manufactured using advanced compression techniques and are also produced in a state-of-the-art production facility. SunVit-D3’s ingredients are refined to the utmost precision to eliminate the risk of toxins and contaminants.

Formulated by fully trained professionals with decades of experience conducting rigorous quality checks at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure the removal of any subsequent impurities and defects . Vitamin SunVit-D3 has a certificate from the Halal supervisory committee as well as the vegetarian association, along with being trusted by many retailers and pharmacies.

Buy2sell – a partner with a solid commerce background and good B2B business network. Buy2sell is the ideal choice with good knowledge and track record of driving international businesses when starting to enter Vietnam.

The large Buy2sell chain of stores covers the busiest shopping centers

Currently, Buy2sell has a large chain of stores covering the busiest shopping centers in the country such as Mega Mall Times City Hanoi, SC Vivo City, Lotte Mart, etc. displaying hundreds of international products with diverse export products. from more than 50 countries. Besides, Buy2sell is still known for owning the leading B2B e-commerce site in Vietnam since 2015, with thousands of visits per day.

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