“Did you know that amino acids are an important component for health and play an essential role in human nutrition? About 60% of our body is water. Of the remaining 40%, half are protein. This protein is made up of a combination of amino acids.” Therefore, Amino4u – a German supplement with 10 years of experience is a bright representative for consumers who choose to use it to achieve the most effective amino acids for the body.

Food supplement essential amino acids for the body

The challenges of human body when lacking in amino acids

If essential amino acids are missing, the body’s first response is to break down muscle tissue to access the amino acids it contains so that they can be used elsewhere. Therefore, muscle loss is the first symptom of a deficiency of essential amino acids. Other possible physical effects include decreased immune response, weakness, fatigue, and structural changes in skin and hair. In addition, the lack of amino acids also easily affects the diet and poor mental health, easy restlessness, anxiety and insomnia.

Amino acids: The source of life

In the human body, Amino Acids – which can be considered the foundation for all vital functions of the body – make more than 100,000 different types of proteins. In particular, amino acids participate in protein synthesis and muscle building, support muscle recovery, reduce post-workout soreness, increase energy sources for regular sports players and athletes.

Amino acids bring health and nutrition to the body

Amino4u has been successfully developing into Amino Acid supplements since its foundation in 2013 in Germany. Their research not only helps to explain how amino acids work, but also leads to a wide range of quality products and new technologies that apply essential substances to the human body most effectively. When we talk about the power of amino acids, we are referring to the functional products of Amino4u.

Discover the outstanding power of Amino4u

Discover the outstanding power of Amino4u
  • Promote growth, development and nutritional rehabilitation: Amino4u provides a perfect amount of 8 essential amino acids for the human nutritional model. Therefore, the body increases the value of completely absorbing valuable nutrients.
  • Nourish and develop muscle: a set of 3 essential amino acids has the effect of losing weight, preventing muscle breakdown and preserving muscle mass. At the same time, it helps improve mood, increase exercise performance.
  • Support diet, keep fit: Still a set of 3 essential branched chain amino acids with the effect of slimming, reducing the percentage of fat, thereby reducing the entire body weight.
  • Strengthen the body’s immune system: Amino4u puts you in the right diet, prevents nutritional deficiencies and ensures your body gets all the essential amino acids your body needs.
  • Support deep sleep: Adding amino acids to reduce symptoms of depression, helping you sleep better and deeper.

Where to buy Amino4u products?

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