Elevating Skincare Standards: MIZON Launches in Vietnam with Buy2Sell Partnership

Elevating Skincare Standards: MIZON Launches in Vietnam with Buy2Sell Partnership

MIZON, the South Korean skincare powerhouse, renowned for its innovative beauty solutions, has made its grand entrance into Vietnam. Established in 2007, MIZON has redefined skincare with cutting-edge technology and premium ingredients, earning global acclaim for its transformative products. From the Collagen Power series to the revered Snail Repair line, MIZON’s offerings cater to diverse skincare needs, promising visible results and an enhanced skincare journey.

Unveiling MIZON’s Premium Skincare Range

MIZON presents an array of groundbreaking skincare solutions tailored to meet a variety of needs:

Collagen Power Series: Harnessing the firming properties of collagen for youthful, radiant skin.

Snail Repair Collection: Utilizing the miraculous benefits of snail mucin for rejuvenation and repair.

Hydration Heroes: Offering hydration-boosting toners, gentle cleansers, and rejuvenating masks.

Each meticulously crafted product from MIZON embodies the brand’s commitment to excellence, blending advanced technology with high-quality ingredients to elevate your skincare routine.

The Buy2Sell Collaboration and Expanding Presence

Buy2Sell, a pioneer B2B e-commerce platform in Vietnam, has been a trailblazer in distributing imported goods since 2015. Its dedication to introducing brands that are yet to enter the market aligns perfectly with MIZON’s debut. Known for its strategic presence at prominent shopping centers like Vincom Mega Mall, SC VivoCity, and Lotte Mart, Buy2Sell bridges the gap between international brands and Vietnamese consumers.

Vincom Mega Mall Times City, spanning over 230,000 m², developed by Vingroup, and SC VivoCity, encompassing around 62,000 m² and developed by Mapletree, serve as prime locations for Buy2Sell’s store chains. These spaces offer a diverse array of retail, culinary, and entertainment experiences, providing the ideal platform for MIZON’s introduction to Vietnamese consumers.

The collaboration between MIZON and Buy2Sell not only marks an important milestone in the Vietnamese skincare market but also showcases a commitment to delivering unparalleled beauty experiences to discerning consumers. With MIZON’s premium skincare offerings now accessible through Buy2Sell’s established channels, Vietnamese consumers can embark on a skincare journey of innovation, quality, and efficacy like never before.

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