In traditional Ayurvedic medicine of India, honey is used as a remedy for digestive ailments. Today, worldwide honey sales are worth £7.58 billion (~$10.25 billion) and honey dominates many markets, from food to beauty care.

Honey is dominating many markets, from food to cosmetics

With the desire to create organic food products that are good for health and beauty of pure nature, absolutely safe but still give outstanding effectiveness, the Last Forest brand was born and developed continuously over years.
Covered by a rich forest in the Nilgiri Mountains, honey has been harvested for thousands of years from honeycombs and honeycomb trees. From the story of selling wild honey on a creaking bicycle of a local honey hunter, Last Forest has “written” this story and created a “beautiful” ending when expanding into chain stores and product lines. Quality wild honey products quickly spread all over the world, but the wonderful taste of that honey remains unchanged.

Honey is harvested for thousands of years from the honeycomb walls and honeycomb trees

After many years of establishment and development, up to now, Last Forest has affirmed its strong position in the global Pure Forest Honey market. Not only providing hundreds of delicious and nutritious meals from a natural honey mixture, the brand also offers a safe, chemical-free skin care solution for everyone, especially those who want to approach the skin care method. Benign skin care through organic beeswax.

Benign skin care method through organic beeswax

However, Vietnam is considered as a potential market for high-end imported foods when reasonable prices create many opportunities for shoppers. Last Forest has gone a long way in its brand development strategy when it cooperated with Buy2sell to bring this product line to the Vietnamese market. This will be a big development step for the brand this year, and create more opportunities for Vietnamese consumers to experience and appreciate the quality honey product lines imported from India through various channels of Buy2sell’s distribution.

The large Buy2sell chain of stores covers the whole country

Buy2sell – a partner with a solid commercial background and a good business network. Buy2sell is the ideal choice with good knowledge and track record of driving international businesses when starting to enter Vietnam. Currently, Buy2sell has a large chain of stores nationwide in the busiest shopping centers such as Mega Mall Times City Hanoi, SC Vivo City, Lotte Mart, Nova Word Phan Thiet, etc. displaying hundreds of international products. diversified economy with products originating from more than 50 countries. Besides, Buy2sell is still known for owning the leading B2B e-commerce site in Vietnam since 2015, with thousands of visits per day.