Mr. Park has found the perfect duo between Vietnam Tel?

Mr. Park has found the perfect duo between Vietnam Tel?

After two matches at the final VL World Cup 2022, Coach Park Hang-seo has found a satisfactory duo in the midfield of Vietnam.

Recently, the sports data analysis system InStat has made an assessment of Vietnam Tel in two matches against Saudi Arabia and Australia. Accordingly, this page indicates the two best players in Coach Park Hang-seo’s squad, which are midfield duo Nguyen Tuan Anh and Nguyen Hoang Duc. Mr. Park was somewhat reassured about the midfield of the Golden Star Warriors in the upcoming matches.

  1. Nguyen Tuan Anh

In the past two matches, Nguyen Tuan Anh has always played very well with a passing accuracy rate of over 80%. In the match against Saudi Arabia, midfielder Hoang Anh Gia Lai was 100% successful in disputes. Those are all parameters that speak to the importance of the player born in 1995 in Vietnam Tel.

Nguyen Tuan Anh (No. 11) is always trusted by Coach Park Hang-seo.

Nguyen Tuan Anh is the most talented midfielder of Vietnamese football at the moment. With skillful individual techniques, delicate passes and improved ability to contest the ball, “the guy” has really become an indispensable character in the midfield in Coach Park Hang Seo’s comment.

  1. Nguyen Hoang Duc

Nguyen Hoang Duc is the most appreciated face in the past two matches. At the reception for Australia at My Dinh, Viettel’s players played very well with a high rate of accurate passing and 5 successful dribbles. The player born in 1998 has confident dribbling and mastery of space.

Nguyen Hoang Duc is growing up.

At the age of 23, Hoang Duc increasingly sees the process of struggle. Viettel’s payroll player is 1m83 tall, has technical skills, and is capable of creating offensive results. Fixed free kicks are also the strong point of this defense. He really became the factor that Mr. Park put all the news on in the final VL World Cup 2022.

  • The mutual support of Tuan Anh and Hoang Duc

Before the top rivals in the continent, the duo Tuan Anh and Hoang Duc have created a solid place in the midfield of Vietnam Tel. Players on the Viettel payroll always try to support “Chuong Nhon” in defence. In contrast, midfielder Hoang Anh Gia Lai is the one who distributes the ball to Hoang Duc, helping the boy born in 1998 have many attacking assists. It is this that has helped the Gold Star Warriors have a good position against the big guys.

The goals of Vietnam Tel in the last 2 confrontations were all from the edge and there were not many errors in the midfield. Coach Park Hang-Seo has really found the perfect duo in midfield. Hoang Duc and Tuan Anh promise to continue to shine in the upcoming matches.