Transport and construction stocks attract money

Transport and construction stocks attract money

During the week of September 6 – 10, the transport and construction group attracted money. While in the opposite direction, pharmaceuticals and securities were strongly withdrawn.

Returning to trading after the holiday, the market recorded a positive week in terms of scores. In the week of September 6 – 10, the main indexes of HOSE and HNX both increased positively. VN-Index increased 0.8% to 1,345.31 points, HNX-Index increased by nearly 2% to 350.05 points.

Market liquidity in general is still abundant. The average trading volume on HOSE reached more than 736 million units/session, up nearly 4% compared to the beginning of the year. However, the average trading value decreased slightly more than 1% to 22.6 trillion dong/session. On the HNX, the average trading volume and average trading value increased by about 7%, reaching 155.7 million units/session and nearly 3.2 trillion dong/session, respectively.

In the past week, transportation stocks have attracted money. VIP shares led the list of stocks with increased liquidity on HOSE with trading volume 4 times higher than last week. The stock is also up 16% in the past week.

Water transport group including NVL, SKG, CAG attracted strong money with impressive price increase. In which, NVL increased by 35% in just 1 week. In the airline group, HVN recorded an average transaction volume of 3 times higher than last week. This stock price also recovered strongly by nearly 20% in the past week.

Besides transportation, cash flow also favored the construction industry with representatives such as TCD, KPF, SD5, C69, HUT, LIG. The real estate group is also quite attractive in the small and medium-cap groups such as CEO, TDH, HPX, VPH.

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On the down side, pharmaceutical and securities groups saw strong withdrawals.

For pharmaceutical stocks, DBT led the group in reducing liquidity when recording an average trading volume that decreased by 63% in the past week. At the same time, the DBT market price adjusted by nearly 10%. DCL, DBC also lost nearly 50% of trading volume. A stock in the medical group, DMC, also lost 45% of its trading volume.

After a week of strong money sucking, the cash flow may have lessened its impulse to flow into securities. TVS, HBS, IVS, BVS, WSS, PSI, EVS, ART, VIG, MBS were in the top of the 2 exchanges with a sharp decrease in liquidity.