The story of successful transaction connection and specialized services for international investment franchising  in Vietnam

The story of successful transaction connection and specialized services for international investment franchising in Vietnam

What attract international investors into Vietnam:

Vietnam is a potential country about connecting economies and international trade. The Foreign Investment Department has researched the actual surveys and concluded that in recent years, the business and investment environment of Vietnam has been continuously improved. It is not only to develop positively but also open integration, and fully meet international criteria.

Vietnam is proving its position by being a member of many international trade agreements that is a great opportunity to attract markets. Such as:

• Member of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA)

• Vietnam – EU FTA (effective in early 2018)

• Bilateral Trade Agreement (BTA) signed with the United States

• Member of the World Trade Organization (WTO)

Another evidence showing that Vietnam’s openness to the global economy, it also is eager to boost national economic growth. In the future, they continue signing with other economies to improve continuously the Vietnamese business environment as well as bring the direction of globalization.

Lately, the growth of the franchise market is becoming more and more popular. Franchising is no longer unfamiliar in Vietnam. Foreign and domestic businesses both capture these franchising activities as a successful transaction connection, this is a new step for the Vietnamese economy. Franchising is considered a common trend and is growing strongly in the world.

The real story of a successful franchise brand in Vietnam: Aroi Dessert Café

Thanks to the connection that Aroi Dessert Café and the story of a successful coffee franchise in Vietnam.

When you are thinking of a coffee venue that is suitable for working and chatting. That is Aroi Dessert Café, a brand from Thailand has recently become an icon when it comes to coffee shops to work with. In the past 2020, this brand has officially transferred ownership to Vietnam.

They supply a variety of food and drinks. Secondly, the service quality is professional and makes everyone feel very comfortable to be here.

The most important thing in the franchise is that all Aroi materials are imported in huge quantities from Thailand. That will bring in a good price when they redistribute to franchisors. So the price of the product will be more competitive. Choosing a suitable location is also important, it must be the place that I want to develop. All the costs can be reduced thanks to 2 ways. The last thing is that franchisors have to spend all their time on their branding.  The brand can not grow well if you do not focus your mind on it.

Connecting abroad brand to Vietnam and making it popular is a problem that businesses and investors need to solve. Since media connection platforms are so important today, branding along with communication and connectivity will help the brand create a foothold in the competitive coffee market. Most of Aroi’s communications are based on international transaction connection platforms in Vietnam. Besides, good product quality and good service quality are crucial to creating a wonderful abroad franchise.

Specialized services for franchising for international investment in Vietnam:

1.Comprehensive business franchise

With this franchise model, the seller and the buyer will franchise at least the following 4 types of property:

+ Production and business know-how;

+ Products and services;

+ Branding system;

+ Strategic models, management policy.

Franchise contracts in this model can be up to 30 years. The buyer will have to pay fees such as the initial franchise fee, operation fee, store cost, design, equipment purchase, advertising.

2.Franchise is not comprehensive

Used for the following number of property types:

Franchising product distribution, manufacturing, and marketing formulas, co-branding, or trademark licensing advice

3.Franchise with capital investment: the seller contributes capital to the franchisor to participate more deeply in the buyer’s business.

4.Franchising is involved in the management of:

The franchisor will provide both the manager and the operator for the buyer. Very suitable for sellers wishing to manage the quality of the franchise chain.

At, you will be provided with foreign businesses a large database of investors, buyers, and franchisees from Vietnam. The InConnects platform currently has over 200,000 quality business data, with monthly updates from 2,000 to 8,000 new Investors.

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